Hadi sets PAS target to rule Kedah on their own

Hebahkan !!!

PETALING JAYA: PAS has set a target of ruling Kedah on its own after the next general election, with party leader Abdul Hadi Awang saying PAS does not want to piggyback on a coalition.

“If we can, we control the government and we take charge,” he said in a special address to Kedah PAS leaders in Alor Setar, according to the party organ Harakah.

PAS has 15 seats in the 36-member state assembly and heads a Perikatan Nasional government in Kedah with partners Bersatu (6) and Umno (2). The opposition comprises Pakatan Harapan, composed of PKR (5 seats), Amanah (4) and DAP (2), and Pejuang (2) in the 36-member assembly.

Hadi said based on the briefing given by the state party leaders to him, PAS has a formidable election machinery to attract voters in “droves” to support the party in the next general election.

Hadi said many non-Muslim representatives, besides many liberals, were elected at the previous general election.

“This resulted in PH coming to power and forming a haphazard government which was worse than Umno.

“Umno has problems but PH challenged Islam, the Constitution and royalty. This was as a result of ignorant Muslims. We have to be patient when facing Muslims who are ignorant,” he said.

Hadi said many Muslims are ignorant because of propaganda and certain political links, adding that enemies of Islam are actively using the media and other machinery to weaken and insult the religion.

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