Jamal proposal bad for Zafrul

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Two Pakatan Harapan MPs believe Jamal Yunos’ proposal for Tengku Zafrul Aziz to be named Barisan Nasional’s (BN) candidate for Selangor menteri besar in the next general election (GE15) has done the finance minister more harm than good.

Calling the recommendation “a joke” as he felt “no one takes Jamal seriously”, Klang MP Charles Santiago said the Sungai Besar Umno division chief’s vote of confidence for Tengku Zafrul would only make him less popular.

“Jamal is not the best person to make such a recommendation given his reputation. It does Tengku Zafrul a disservice,” said Santiago.

“If anything, I think this endorsement is a conspiracy as it kills off Tengku Zafrul’s chances before he can even stand.”

Subang MP Wong Chen said he did not think receiving an endorsement from a “controversial politician like Jamal” benefited Tengku Zafrul’s image.

However, he viewed reports of Tengku Zafrul possibly contesting in the next general election as a positive development as it would put Pakatan Harapan “on our toes” and push it to manage Selangor better.

On Monday, Jamal proposed that Tengku Zafrul be named BN’s Selangor menteri besar candidate for GE15 as, he said, the coalition should choose a fresh face who was well known in an effort to recapture the state after defeats in the last three general elections.

It was previously reported that Tengku Zafrul’s recent visits to Kuala Selangor, and the finance ministry’s move to adopt the district, was a sure sign the finance minister would be contesting the parliamentary seat on an Umno ticket in GE15.

Umno secretary-general Ahmad Maslan confirmed last month that Tengku Zafrul had been an Umno member even before he became a minister in 2020.

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