No reason to keep a govt without a mandate, says Asyraf

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PETALING JAYA: A general election is needed to get a new mandate from the people because the current government is being kept alive by courtesy of the opposition, says Umno Youth leader Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki.

“As long as the government does not receive a fresh mandate, it will be unstable and cannot ensure the well-being of the people,” he said.

There is no reason for the next general election to be delayed once the political understanding (MoU) between the government and Pakatan Harapan (PH) is over, he said.

He contended that the MoU expires on July 31. However, former Umno Supreme Council member Annuar Musa has said there is no expiry date and that the MoU only states that a general election will not be called before July 31.

Asyraf described the government of Ismail Sabri Yusof as being one made up of political parties in a “loose cooperation”.

He said the three changes of government since 2018 had led to lingering political instability, while Umno was consistently of the view that the issue could only be addressed by going to the polls.

Ismail signed the MoU with PH leaders in September last year, under which PH agreed to back his government until Parliament is dissolved, with GE15 not to be held before July 31.

The agreement calls for the government to conduct parliamentary reforms and ensure judicial independence.

On Wednesday, Ismail promised he would not delay dissolving Parliament once Barisan Nasional (BN) was ready, adding that he would discuss the election date with Umno’s top leadership and BN’s leaders.

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