UK restaurant owner rummages through rubbish bin to prove customer was lying about undelivered food

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A UK restaurant owner decided to take matters into his own hands by going through a customer’s rubbish bin after suspecting that the customer was lying about food not being delivered.

Mirror UK reported that Connor Calland, owner of York’s EborCibus Pizza, had been contacted by British online food delivery company Deliveroo after an order that was supposedly not delivered.

A recent customer claimed that his friends and him hadn’t received their order of a 12-inch pizza, buffalo blue chicken, and fries, worth £23.49 (RM130).

After a refund, Calland knew something was amiss and decided to investigate as it was not the first time he had encountered a similar situation.

He was shocked to find food remnants such as buffalo sauce from leftover fries in the customer’s dustbin after heading to the customer’s delivery address.

He demanded a letter of apology of no less than 750 words to the customer, who confessed that he had succumbed to ‘peer pressure” and ‘was being very naive and young” for his crime.

The customer then wrote an apology letter saying that his actions were very wrong and that could have led him to some serious trouble if he continues with them.

‘I have learnt a big lesson on the following in the acts of my peers.

‘I am only hurting the local culture and the local people by acting in this manner.

‘Please accept my sincerest apologies towards what has happened. I wholeheartedly regret my actions and will never do anything like this again,” read part of the letter.

The restaurant owner also took to social media to spread awareness about the deceit and countless claims, which cost the business between £50 and £100 (RM276 and RM553.47) weekly.

‘How deeply sad it is that in order to preserve the integrity of my business and staff I have to root through someone’s dirty bin.

‘Knowing full well before I did this, that I was going to find my packaging.

‘In the bin, we found all our packaging that cross-references to the order, the indicative buffalo sauce lining a container,” Calland said.

The portal reported that a spokesperson for EborCibus Pizza regretted that certain people had fraudulently taken advantage of the restaurant’s goodwill and trust.

‘We had to investigate this matter fully because this isn’t unfortunately a one-time occurrence, it happens on a daily basis to small businesses around the UK.”

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