No need for disciplinary action against Ku Li, says Umno leader

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PETALING JAYA: There is no need for any disciplinary action against Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah over a recent meeting with some Kelantan Amanah leaders, says an Umno leader.

Supreme Council member Jalaluddin Alias dismissed Tengku Razaleigh’s meeting as something “normal”, adding that there was no specific agenda behind it.

“We do not know the actual topic of discussion. People can meet anyone during Ramadan and Aidilfitri. It is common for various perceptions to arise, especially with the next general election looming.

“But I think it is not appropriate to make any comments in relation to the meeting,” he was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian.

However, Jalaluddin said if the discussion was on a specific agenda to bring down Barisan Nasional (BN), then the party cannot remain silent.

“This should only happen if there is proof. It will not be appropriate for Umno to take action if this is just an allegation,” he said.

On April 26, a meeting between Tengku Razaleigh, also known as Ku Li, and several  Kelantan Amanah leaders led to speculation that he was rounding up support to dislodge PAS from the Kelantan government at the next general election.

It was later reported that Tengku Razaleigh would lead a bipartisan group, called Angkatan Amanah Merdeka Rakyat Kelantan, which would be open to not only political parties but NGOs as well.

Tengku Razaleigh has been an elected representative for 53 years. He was elected to the Kelantan state assembly seat of Ulu Kelantan Barat in 1969. Five years later, he was elected MP for Ulu Kelantan, later renamed Gua Musang, which he has represented for 48 years.

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