Minister tells why Indira’s ex-husband not probed over purchase of vehicles

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KUALA LUMPUR: The home minister said the authorities could not block M Indira Gandhi’s former husband, Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, from buying two vehicles seven years ago as there was no court order to stop the transactions.

In a parliamentary reply to Kasthuri Patto (PH-Batu Kawan), Hamzah Zainudin said Riduan, now a fugitive, was never convicted of traffic offences under the Road Transport Act.

“In other words, JPJ (road transport department) can only arrest someone or halt a transaction if there is a conviction by the courts.

“Police are still locating Riduan,” he said.

Kasthuri had asked the minister how Riduan was able to purchase and register the ownership of two vehicles under his name despite being still at large.

The issue of his vehicle ownership was disclosed to the Ipoh High Court in November last year, when the court questioned the police’s seriousness in locating him.

It was reported that judicial commissioner Bhupindar Singh, who presided in the judicial monitoring progress on the warrant of committal against Riduan, had asked the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) why the police did not investigate the transactions.

However, senior federal counsel Nur Idayu Amir, representing the police, told the court that vehicle transactions could be carried out online.

Nur Idayu also said authorities could not locate Riduan, his second wife and children.

The Federal Court had in 2016 instructed the inspector-general of police to execute the warrant of committal against Riduan after he was found guilty of contempt by refusing to hand over their daughter, Prasana.

Prasana was taken away from her mother in 2010.

Indira filed a suit against the police in 2020 over their inaction in executing the warrant against Riduan.

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