Ex-1MDB investment chief asked Leissner to wire US$5mil, US court hears

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PETALING JAYA: Former 1MDB chief investment officer Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil asked former Goldman Sachs executive Tim Leissner to wire US$5 million to a Citibank account, a US court was told.

However, it is unclear as to who the beneficiary of the Citibank account was.

According to court documents sighted by FMT, Leissner, a star witness in the trial of former Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng, confirmed that he was asked to transfer money from Capital Place, a British Virgin Islands company where his wife Judy Chan was a director.

He said this in reply to a question from the prosecutor on an email he (Leissner) had received from Nik Faisal, who also served as the managing director of SRC International, a 1MDB subsidiary.

“It says: ‘Please wire ASAP from Capital Place and (it) cannot have (a) value date later than October 31 US$5 million’,” the prosecutor said.

Leissner then confirmed that this meant the money had to be wired before Oct 31.

Asked if the email had also given instructions to wire it via Citibank, Leissner said: “Yes, that’s correct.” He also confirmed asking his wife if the transfer could be done.

Leissner’s testimony is bound to raise questions as to whether Nik Faisal received funds linked to 1MDB.

This is because in 2019, the prosecution in the SRC International case argued that none of the money that went into the company’s account made its way to Nik Faisal’s account.

However, last November, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission said it recovered US$864,813 in 1MDB-linked funds from Singapore belonging to Nik Faisal.

Nik Faisal remains a fugitive after leaving the country on May 7, 2018, two days before the last general election (GE14).

He is wanted by law enforcement authorities for money laundering and criminal breach of trust, and an Interpol red notice has been sought for his arrest.

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