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ISKANDAR PUTERI: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has been told to show his “political guts” and attend the debate with MCA president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong this Sunday.

Wee said he wanted to “teach Lim a lesson” for making slanderous allegations that he did not contribute to the construction of a national-type school as much as the DAP secretary-general had.

“I want to prove him wrong, so please come. You (Lim) made allegations as though MCA is not helping schools.

“I want to teach (Lim) a lesson. If you fail to substantiate your claims are you willing to resign?

“He can bring anyone, or even get (Kulai member of Parliament) Teo Ni Ching to sit behind you and help you, but you must come and be the one debating (with me).

“If not, (this would mean that) he has chickened out,” he told reporters here today.

Lim had allegedly made the claim that Dr Wee had not contributed as much as he towards the construction of SJK(C) Kuek Ho Yao at a ceramah on the second night of campaigning in the Johor state election.

Wee said he was sad with the opposition’s behaviour of making baseless accusations, and said Lim must be responsible for his “wild” claims.

Wee added that he had already invited Chinese-based non-governmental organisations and had already booked a hall for the debate.

He also said Lim had previously rejected a debate with him in 2018 over the undersea tunnel project scandal.

“He told me I was number two in MCA back then, and mentioned that any political debate must be based on political hierarchy, but now I am president.

“I must set things straight. If he says he has no time, I just need 20 minutes to knock him out. I don’t need one or two hours.

“I am a man, I don’t run. I hope Lim will show his political guts.”

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