MACC seeks return of US$10mil from ex-Astro group CEO

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PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is seeking the return of cash and assets amounting to US$10 million linked to 1MDB in an ongoing probe into ex-Astro group CEO Rohana Rozhan.

At a press conference, MACC chief commissioner Azam Baki said it was also seeking to obtain statements from people in the US in relation to the investigation.

It was previously reported that Rohana’s assets were frozen under the anti-money laundering law after MACC began an investigation into the allegations by former Goldman Sachs Southeast Asia chairman Tim Leissner, with whom she was reported to have had an affair for 10 years.

Leissner had testified in a US court that Rohana had threatened to reveal his involvement in the 1MDB scandal unless he bought her a house worth US$10 million in London.

Azam said they could not yet name those who would be required to give their statements in relation to the case.

“We will also need the Attorney-General’s Chambers’ (AGC) assistance for statements from those in the US.

“Leissner gave his testimony in the US, so I don’t feel it is appropriate to comment on his testimony.

“We will get further statements from the authorities in the US.”

Meanwhile, Azam did not rule out the possibility that MACC would call Rohana in to give another statement on the matter, saying this would depend on the need for it.

She was reported to have been called twice to give her statement on the matter after Leissner’s testimony in court.

On a separate issue, Azam said MACC had completed its probe on alleged abuse of power and mismanagement at Mara Corporation Sdn Bhd (Mara Corp).

He said the investigation papers had been submitted to the AGC and that a decision on the case would likely be made next week.

MACC’s probe came in the wake of an expose by “whistleblower” Twitter account Edisi Siasat that alleged “backdated” payments had been made to certain Mara officers without the knowledge of the top management of Mara Corp.

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