PKR ready to help if Muda follows manifesto, says Anwar

Hebahkan !!!

PETALING JAYA: PKR is willing to help Muda win in the Johor state elections if the new party  follows a similar manifesto and solves the negotiation issues between both parties.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said his party was still waiting for Muda’s response. “I believe it will be positive because, without this spirit of togetherness, we can be easily manipulated by others,” he said at the launch of PKR’s Johor elections machinery.

“I have no problem to work together and ensure Muda’s candidates also win in the state elections,” he said.

PKR would continue to help Pakatan Harapan component parties to achieve victory despite contesting under its own logo.

Yesterday, Johor PKR revealed that negotiations with Muda had been completed, with the announcement of 20 candidates who will contest in the state elections. Johor PKR leader Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh said no answer had been received from Muda within a 48-hour deadline.

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