Hishammuddin, Hasni, Vigneswaran to be fined for SOP breaches

Hebahkan !!!

PETALING JAYA: Health minister Khairy Jamaluddin has ordered several senior Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders to be issued compound notices after violating physical distancing rules at an MIC event in Johor today.

The senior BN leaders who are to be fined are defence minister and BN treasurer-general Hishammuddin Hussein, MIC president SA Vigneswaran and Johor BN chairman, Hasni Mohammad, who is also the Johor menteri besar.

“I have instructed health ministry officers to issue compounds to Hishammuddin, Hasni, Vigneswaran, (other) key leaders present and the event organisers,” said Khairy in a tweet.

“The health ministry will continue to monitor SOPs in conjunction with the Johor state elections.”

Khairy was responding to a video on Twitter showing BN leaders mingling in a crowd during the launch of the Johor MIC Brigade in Kota Iskandar earlier today.

In response, Hishammuddin acknowledged that there were weaknesses in SOP compliance at the event.

“But, wrong is still wrong,” he said in a Twitter post.

“No one is above the law, including myself. This should be a lesson for us all.”

Vigneswaran also said he would comply if issued a compound and that MIC would be more careful when organising events.

He said the launch was well-received and that it was hard to estimate the number of attendees.

“We followed the SOPs and didn’t expect there would be any violations. We will be more careful in the future and organise events on a much smaller scale,” he said as quoted by Bernama.

The Johor state elections will take place on March 12, with early voting set for March 8 and nominations to be announced on Feb 26.

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