Chief Syariah Court Judge strikes back, plans to sue for defamation

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Chief Syariah Court Judge of Malaysia, who has been accused of committing lewd acts on a widow and outraging the modesty of a married woman by lying naked in her bedroom, has lodged a police report against his accuser, a former Umno supreme council member.

Datuk Mohd Naim Mokhtar, 54, lodged a report against Datuk Lokman Noor Adam at the Ampang police station this morning, accusing the latter of spreading slander and committing criminal defamation against him.

In his report, Naim denied the accusations against him and said it was all orchestrated by certain individuals out to oust him from his position.

He said the issue had first surfaced on Dec 11, 2021, when a woman lodged a report against him, making all kinds of wild claims.

“As a matter of fact, I counter lodged a report the very next day and called on the police to investigate the false report which had been lodged by the woman.

“I also made it clear in my report that it was all orchestrated by certain individuals who wanted to get rid of me as they were after my post,” Naim said, adding he had then also given the names of the individuals concerned to the police.

He said it was not the first time his accusers had tried to fix him as they had also tried to implicate him with another woman but failed.

Naim said he was shocked when he was informed about the latest allegations against him which had been uploaded by Lokman in a Facebook posting on Tuesday.

He said Lokman had clearly committed a malicious act which had brought irreparable damage to his name and reputation.

Meanwhile, Naim’s lawyer Datuk Akberdin Abdul Kader said his client planned to institute a defamation suit against Lokman. The suit would be filed soon.

The controversy surrounding the senior judge has become the talk of town after the allegations against him were uploaded in the Facebook posting.

Police have since said they were conducting further investigations into the judge’s case following the latest allegations by the married woman.

In her report, the 57-year-old woman claimed the judge had gone to her house close to midnight in August 2020 to visit her bedridden husband.

In her report, which was only lodged in December 2021, she claimed the judge later asked for permission to use the master bedroom to perform his prayers.

However she became concerned when he remained there for a long time and decided to check on him, only to discover him lying naked on her bed.

She alleged that as he was leaving her house at 3am the following morning, he remarked that she was beautiful and had strong faith, despite his actions earlier.

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