Syed Saddiq: Muda volunteers questioned by police for helping flood victims without going through official channel

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KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8 — Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman today said that six Muda volunteers were called up by police for providing aid for flood victims directly without going through official channel.

Syed Saddiq clarified that the Muda volunteers only helped the flood victims as they personally requested for help from the Segamat district temporary flood relief centre.

“Our volunteers went there not to exacerbate the situation, but to provide aid for the flood victims.

“There were even some news reports claiming that some of the victims in the relief centres and flood area did not get food and other necessary items on time,” he said in a press conference via Facebook live stream.

“We are just doing our best to help the rakyat. For the flood victims even one or two days or a few hours will make much difference,” he added.

He said five volunteers were called up by the police yesterday while one was called up today to give a statement.

He also said the volunteers went to the relief centre in Segamat to provide 200 beds, 200 pillows and food boxes.

The Muar MP also urged police and authorities to be flexible with the volunteers who are trying to help flood victims.

“Please don’t treat volunteers like criminals just because they provide help directly to the victims.

“I hope the police will show empathy and compassion towards the volunteers. The volunteers are working day and night without hoping anything in return,” he said.

Syed Saddiq said that he will take full responsibility and will follow the standard operating procedures set by the authorities when providing aid for the flood victims in the future.

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