Uncle Kentang vents frustration on ‘bogus’ flood victims, says sorry to generous donors

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GEORGE TOWN: Philanthropist Kuan Chee Heng, or more fondly known as Uncle Kentang, has vented his frustration via social media that there were some who took advantage of the generosity of Malaysians in the flood aftermath.

“There were those who made false claims just to get food and essentials meant for flood victims.

“It is impossible to guard against these irresponsible quarters.

“My sincere apology to the generous donors,” he said on his Uncle Kentang Facebook page with the tagline Kindness Beyond Borders.

Kuan said he and his team of volunteers have been on the ground since the onset of the flood in various locations, trying their best to ensure equal distribution of food and basic necessities to all the victims.

“But my worst fear still came true. The ‘bogus’ flood victims are still here to claim for food and essentials that are not meant for them.

“I have been receiving calls these few days that some of the recipients are actually staying in high-rises and they are not victims.

“The best part is, they came with police reports.

“Some are from the same households, but they came separately just to get extra.

“Some told us they were from villages which I have not even heard of.

“This is beyond our expectations,” he said.

Kuan said no matter how careful or meticulous his team members were, these “fake” victims seemed to be able to get their way.

“I am really sorry to the generous donors. Let me bear this alone,” he said.

Kuan got the Uncle Kentang moniker because he donates potatoes instead of rice to the needy.

Over the years, he has made a huge difference through various community initiatives to help Malaysians facing life challenges.

He has also won a Star Golden Hearts Award for his contributions.

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