Miss Grand Malaysia wins Best National Costume for ‘Ulek Mayang’

Hebahkan !!!

She stole the show with her costume the “Ulek Mayang” at the Miss Grand International show in Thailand recently, reported mStar via Hitz.

Lishalliny’s costume, created by bridal boutique Aldrin’s Artistry, weighs an impressive 50kg. It carried seven mannequins draped in blue and gold towering behind her.

In an Instagram post, Lishalliny said that the costume was inspired by an old folk song and dance from Terengganu called the ‘Seven Ancient Princesses of Ulek Mayang’.

In local mythology, Ulek Mayang tells of a tale of a sea princess who fell in love with a fisherman and later stole his soul.

The fisherman’s soul and health were later restored with the help of a bomoh (shaman), who then confronted the sea princess and her six sisters.

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