Yasmin Hani & Shahrin Razali End 10-Year Marriage

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KUALA LUMPUR: Television host and actress Yasmin Hani Richardson and musician Shahrin Razali have recently ended their decade-long marriage amicably.

Confirming this in an Instagram post yesterday, Yasmin who declined to provide details on the breakdown of her marriage said: “Shahrin and I have agreed to embark on separate journeys amicably, but we will continue to work together in raising our children with love and affection.”

Yasmin added: “We are both committed to giving our children the best in life, and I want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement, support and prayers.”

Yasmin said that she and Shahrin would always be the parents to their children Noah Ismail Shahrin, 8, and Eissa Elzander Shahrin, 5, and hoped that Netizens would continue to respect their privacy.

“Let’s all spread positive vibes and look forward with hope,” she said.

Yasmin, 42, and former Blackrose drummer Shahrin, 57, were married in 2011.

Shahrin is the elder brother of actor and television host Qi Razali.

He was previously married to actress Ida Nerina from 2006 to 2009.

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