Do you want to date me, Najib mocks Kit Siang

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PETALING JAYA: Najib Razak has mocked Lim Kit Siang over his latest social media post, with the former prime minister laughing off what he said was the DAP leader’s fixation on him.

The Pekan MP said Lim would allude to him every day and wondered if the DAP supremo would lose his appetite if he failed to mention him by name.

“Or do you want to date me?” he asked in a Facebook post.

Najib was replying to Lim who had said the worst outcome from the recently-concluded Melaka election was that he (Najib) could be named the country’s 10th prime minister.

Two days before the state election in Melaka, Najib said he had been made the main target of propaganda by Barisan Nasional’s rivals, despite not being a candidate.

In 2019, Najib had also questioned Lim’s “obsession” with him after the latter repeatedly issued statements against him although Najib was no longer the prime minister or BN chairman.

Then, Najib was responding to Lim’s claim that he was banking on a BN victory in the Cameron Highlands by-election to pave the way for his return to power.

A few days later, Najib said he found Lim’s obsession with him a little creepy, noting that he had been mentioned over 11,000 times in the Iskandar Puteri MP’s blog.

Lim, however, dismissed the idea saying Najib could not be “more wrong”.

He said he would not be interested in Najib one bit if he did not have the distinction of being the only Malaysian “who had wrought the greatest damage to Malaysia both to the present and future generations with his kleptocratic legacy”.

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