Tommy Thomas, The Home Minister During PH’s Time, And Dr Mahathir, Must Give Us Answers

Hebahkan !!!

Lim Sian See

YB Baling asked about Zeti’s case and the Law Minister officially replied in parliament.

That the police only knew about Zeti’s husband being paid close to RM700 million by Jho Low in the year 2019 during the time of PH and that police is STILL investigating.

Now, there are two MAJOR issues with this matter.

According to news reports, the Singapore Police had officially notified BNM about Zeti’s husband receiving money from Jho Low in the year 2015 when Zeti was STILL BNM governor.

Which means BNM never passed on this information to the other investigation officers if the police only knew in year 2019.

So, somebody in BNM has hidden this information, or in legal terms, they have concealed knowledge of a crime from the police/MACC for many years since 2015.

Second issue is that if the authorities knew this in the year 2019, as answered by the law Minister, this means that the prosecutors LIED to Najib’s defence lawyers that they have no knowledge of Zeti’s family receiving information while the SRC and 1MDB case was still in hearing and before Najib was found guilty by the judge for the SRC case in July 2020.

This suggests that material evidence was deliberately and unfairly withheld from Najib’s lawyers for them to defend Najib in his SRC and 1MDB cases.

Tommy Thomas, the Home Minister during PH’s time, and Dr Mahathir, must give us answers.

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