Pro wrestling on national TV? Why not, Maszlee proposes

Hebahkan !!!

KUALA LUMPUR – Will Malaysia see professional wrestlers dishing out smackdowns on national TV? If Maszlee Malik’s (Simpang Renggam-independent) suggestion is taken seriously, we might very well have our own programmes on RTM.

He has proposed to Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa to adopt professional wrestling programmes and promote them on government media platforms such as RTM.

Speaking during Question Time in Dewan Rakyat today, Maszlee said this is because Malaysia has its own talent who made global headlines.

“Outside of Malaysia, there’s the World Wrestling Entertainment that is promoted by its own media. Recently, Saudi Arabia has also started promoting professional wrestling.

“In Malaysia, we have our own professional wrestlers who are famous at the international level but unfortunately, they are ignored in their own country – by the government and also your ministry.

“I suggest that RTM or other government media channels help this industry grow.”

Among the wrestlers Maszlee highlighted was hijab-wearing Nor “Phoenix” Diana who gained international fame in 2019 when she floored four male competitors to become the first female to win the Malaysia Pro Wrestling Wrestlecon.

Another fighter was self-proclaimed founder and pioneer of Malaysia professional wrestling, Ayez Shaukat-Fonseka Farid.

In response, Annuar let out a chuckle, saying he lacks in-depth knowledge when it comes to the world of pro wrestling.

However, he said he welcomes the opportunity to speak with wrestlers, provided that Maszlee arranges a meeting for all parties. – The Vibes, October 11, 2021

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