Senior citizens become overnight millionaires

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KUALA LUMPUR: A 72-year-old petrol pump attendant from Bedong, Kedah, became an overnight millionaire winning RM1 million under the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) Premium Savings Certificate (SSP) special draw in June.

The bank in a statement said despite the millionaire status, the septuagenarian has vowed that he will continue with his savings habit and urged members of the public especially the young to save under the SSP scheme.

The senior citizen is not the only millionaire, a second RM1 million winner is an 82-year-old from Kuala Lumpur.

“He stressed the importance of inculcating a saving habit early on for future benefit,” the bank added.

The SSP Special Draw campaign enables savers an opportunity to win RM1 million and is an ongoing campaign.

Four more SSP depositors became millionaires for June to August 2021 period, bringing the latest number of SSP millionaires to nine out of a total of 14 eligible millionaires.

All the winners for the draw, for the period of June to August, comprised of various backgrounds, races and ages ranging from 17 years to 82 years.

BSN also announced that a 38-year-old draftsman from Padang Temu, Melaka took home RM1 million for the BSN SSP July Special Draw.

“Meanwhile, the millionaire for August is a 59 -year -an old retiree who is also from Melaka. Living in Merlimau, he who has four children chose to save in SSP for his family’s future investment,” BSN chief executive, Jay Khairil.

The SSP Special Draw campaign where savers have a chance to win RM1 million is ongoing. Those saving under the scheme can win lucrative prizes can be won and earn competitive returns when saving in the ‘BSN SSP Special Edition’ (BSN SSP SE) scheme.

Jay said until Sept 2021 BSN SSP depositors comprised more than four million people with total savings exceeding RM4.3 billion.

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