Land Giving Scandal to Peja’s Special Officers Swept Under the Carpet

Hebahkan !!!

While taking an afternoon break, I remembered the hot story of Perak, which once shocked Malaysia.

The entire Malaysian was shocked by a bold revelation written in the viral Surat Perak Karam in December 2020.

If there is anyone who does not know about Surat Perak Karam, the Edisi Siasat squad can provide enlightenment on the issues raised in the Surat Perak Karam.

One of the series from Surat Perak Karam is the revelation of the story regarding the development of forest plantations by several senior people of the former Menteri Besar of Perak, Ahmad Faizal Azumu or Peja.

It was revealed that each of them obtained 400 hectares of forest land to be developed in several locations such as Kledang Siong Forest Reserve Kuala Kangsar, Piah Forest Reserve Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Kuak Forest Reserve.

Although the letter of approval was in the name of forest plantation development, but the real purpose was to harvest logs in the forest reserve.

Apart from logs, it is said that the granite bricks in the Segari Melintang Forest Reserve are also harvested.

And when Edisi Siasat read back the story of Surat Perak Karam, we were interested in the story of Peja’s most senior man, Herman Hassan.

According to information in the Surat Perak Karam, it is said that Herman Hassan got 746 acres of SADC land.

The Edisi Siasat squad is not sure in what capacity did Herman Hassan got the offer to improve and develop such a large people’s farm.

To the best of the knowledge of Edisi Siasat, Herman Hassan was not a well-known entrepreneur who has millions of ringgit in capital to develop such a large piece of land.

Syarikat Puncak Graviti Sdn Bhd which was given the offer was also a newly established company after Pakatan Harapan took over the Perak state government or more precisely after Peja was appointed Menteri Besar.

One thing we are sure of is that Herman Hassan is Peja’s most senior man.

Maybe this is what meant by “tuah ayam nampak di kaki”, but Herman’s luck is visible on Peja.

Peja once explained that the selection of the land concession had been presented to the Perak State Agricultural Development Corporation (PPPNP) Investment Committee.

And according to Peja, the committee was chaired by a member of the corporation’s board of directors who was also a civil servant before it was approved.

The question is, who is it in the PPPNP?

The Board of Directors of PPPNP is chaired by Peja.

In other words, the Chairman of PPPNP, Peja, approved the application of Information Chief of PPBM, Herman Hassan, and this is a process that is quite clean and pure!!!

True, the MACC has gotten involved, in fact it is said that the Chief Minister’s Office (Peja’s Office), has been raided, but unfortunately, until now, the results of the investigation have yet to be announced.

Did the results of the investigation find no wrongdoing in the matter of ‘awarding’ the land?

Or the investigation paper was stuck in the Attorney General’s Office, at the time Tommy Thomas was the Attorney General.

If even the case of Lim Guan Eng can be dismissed by Tommy Thomas, what more for a case like this.

Everything is still uncertain to this day.

However, the first thing we can be sure of, the people and the state of Perak have already lost logs and granite from thousands of acres of land owned by the Perak State Government.

The second thing we are sure of, there is no tax revenue collected by the Perak State Government from the logging and granite mining activities.

The third thing we are sure of, the rain catchment area in the Perak state forest reserve is already destroyed!!!

But we are proud because the birth of an ‘instant millionaire’ from a political party that is ‘against kleptocracy’!

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