Dear PM, you are not stupid, only inefficient

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Dear PM, you are not stupid, only inefficient

Dear PM, you are not stupid, only inefficient

From Ly Aziss

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Let me begin by assuring you that you are not stupid. You are inefficient.

Amid the chaos of this pandemic, vaccination exercise, rising number of suicides, depression, domestic abuse, SOP violations, the most recent LRT incident and many more, where have you been?

You have left it to the police, the ministers in charge, but are you aware of your ministers’ actions? Surely, they report back to you. Or do you just let these ill-decision makers pass through you?

If you are not aware of these happenings, allow me to give you the “pencerahan” that has been the cause of the rakyat’s anger and depression.

Sabah by-election:

Even you admitted on Nov 18 last year that the Sabah state elections in September was the cause of the wave of Covid-19 infections in the country. And what did you do about this?

Ministers flouting SOPs:

I’m sure we have all lost count of this. From Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali to the most recent ex-Prasarana chairman wearing a face shield sans face mask, not to mention his obnoxious behaviour.

It boggles the mind. I have to ask, why is it that only Malaysia’s ministers are brazen and blatantly gung-ho in showing off their foolishness and lack of judgment? If we insist on making ministers out of cronies and uneducated unqualified individuals, they should at least be trained in etiquette and public speaking.

We cannot keep on having these kinds of ministers, especially in the spotlight. If this matters enough to you anyway, Mr. Prime Minister. Otherwise, well, another man’s trash …

Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor and various other public figures:

This celebrity and her hubby have violated the SOPs at least four times and counting. One of them is crossing state lines to go shopping. They were instead charged for not scanning the MySejahtera app upon entering the shop.

Shouldn’t the charge be for crossing state lines? How could the powers that be let this slide? And their audacity to plead not guilty! Another is Siti Nurhaliza’s ustaz who was in town who then conveniently made a stop at her house … whereas some of us can’t even visit the graves of loved ones?

These cases keep getting “investigated”. These SOP violators were allowed to pay bail and then pay a mere sum for their fines. And they get to repeat the violations freely. Really, are we such a free country, or are the authorities turning a blind eye because of who these people are? Whereas, we, the normal rakyat get fined and threatened left, right and centre.

The vaccination exercise too is not without its own controversies from queue-jumping to preferential treatment for vaccination. My 71-year-old mother and so many other elders I know as well as high-risk groups are still waiting to be called. Other countries have started to vaccinate children, we have not even managed to vaccinate one third of the population.

People are getting more and more depressed by the day.

It is already tragic that some have chosen to turn to suicide during these difficult times. Some have lost their source of income, homes and family members to this pandemic. Some, their sanity.

When push comes to shove and bad times get worse, leaders are the ones who should be the beacon of light for the rakyat. The least our politicians can do is be supportive and appear strong and united. Have empathy. For most of these politicians, just be a good Muslim.

Not that difficult really, since they managed to portray themselves as the ideal politician during campaigning. We all know that was mostly for show. So, why can’t they at least maintain the hypocrisy just to appear supportive during these times? Worst case scenario, act like a minister should!

If you do not know how to act like one, look to other better politicians who get things done! Who know how to speak to the press and address the public! By right, these ministers should be able to converse well in English. But even if they’re unable to do that, just speak in Bahasa Melayu but make sure to speak well!

It is really exhausting having to deal with these kinds of issues, even after 64 years of independence. Now is not the time to play politics. Enough already. Move on, pull up those sleeves and get to work!

So, Mr. Prime Minister;

  • Know that your ministers have failed us.
  • You too have failed us for turning the other way and for continuing to stay in your slumber, for not putting your foot down, for not keeping your ministers in check.
  • Know that there are some of us who do not even know when their next meal is coming.
  • Know that as a leader and most importantly a Muslim, you will be questioned and made accountable in the hereafter as stated in the Quran: “Behold! For if you are a leader, you WILL be asked about those you lead.”


Ly Aziss is an FMT reader.

Dear PM, you are not stupid, only inefficient

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