Noor Hisham – I Am not Freemason.

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Noor Hisham - I Am not Freemason.

Noor Hisham – I Am not Freemason.

PETALING JAYA: The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has cleared the air on accusations that health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has ties to the Freemasons.

In a statement, the medical college clarified that the pictures some used to erroneously cite Noor Hisham’s links to the secret society were from a ceremony he had participated in as part of his acceptance of the college’s Ad Hominem fellowship award.

“The Ad Hominem fellowship is one of the highest awards given by the college, granted to current or former medical practitioners or other individuals of distinction whose professional status is of high order and who are deemed worthy of the honour,” the statement posted on Twitter explained.

“The distinction is formally awarded at a ceremony attended by members of the college. During the event, the recipients wear the college’s ceremonial gown and are presented with their diploma by the president,” it added.

Noor Hisham was conferred the Fellowship Ad Hominem by RCSE’s Awards Committee on Oct 12, 2017, the college said. It was presented to him by college president Mike Lavelle-Jones on Feb 2, 2018, who appears in the circulated images.

Noor Hisham retweeted the college’s response, and hit out at those who had attempted to spread false allegations about him.

“The dissemination of libel on social media and among our society has become widespread with (people sharing) various types of (fake) news and stories that are defamatory in nature,” he tweeted.

“Thank God the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh issued an official statement (regarding the allegations) today.”

Freemasonry is a collection of men-only groups steeped in tradition and symbolism, originating from guilds formed by stonemasons in the 14th century.

While the society is often accused of shadowy practices due to its secrecy, there is little evidence to suggest these claims are legitimate.

Some also suggest that Freemasonry is tied to the “Illuminati”, who conspiracy theorists claim hope to establish a “new world order”, but there is no evidence that this latter group even exists.

Noor Hisham – I Am not Freemason.

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