Pact with Anwar not impossible – Najib

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Pact with Anwar not impossible in new political milieu, says Najib

Pact with Anwar not impossible in new political milieu, says Najib

PETALING JAYA: Umno has to keep its options open when it comes to tying up with other parties as shifting alliances are part of the new political milieu, said former prime minister Najib Razak.

“Well, you know the dictum in politics saying there are no permanent friends, no permanent enemies. I think that’s true and that speaks for the other side as well,” Najib told The Vibes in an interview recently.

The former Umno president was asked about the possibility of him working with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and the party tying up with its rivals in facing future elections.

“Who could have imagined Dr Mahathir and Anwar being in an alliance? That was something you couldn’t imagine, and Dr Mahathir receiving DAP in the government.

“That would be unimaginable. So, if you talk about shifting alliances, that is the ultimate.”

Najib said that coalition showed friends becoming foes and foes becoming friends. Unfortunately, he said it did not last long.

Najib said while politicians in general must seize opportunities, one should not be too opportunistic as political stability can be achieved only if the relationship is enduring, with trust as its basis.

Asked whether he trusted Anwar enough to form a political alliance, Najib said everyone has to look at the possibilities and options.

“I want somebody who thinks for the nation. don’t look at individuals.”

“I want to see what your agenda for the nation is, and whether we can work together with anyone for the sake of the country. Everything is about the country and the people.”

Najib said a general election would be the best solution

Claiming that he is a “great believer” that the mandate to rule has to be given by the people, Najib said a general election would be the best solution for the country.

“Let the people decide when you have a government that doesn’t seem to have an outright strong majority and is not a stable government. Some countries have elections almost every year to solve their political impasse.

“If elections are not possible, then we have to get other options. The whole objective is to ensure good governance and to ensure the country is moving in the right direction.”

Asked about his tenure as prime minister, Najib said he had no choice but to sack Muhyiddin as deputy prime minister in July 2015 as he believed at that time that the duty of the deputy prime minister was to be supportive of his boss even during difficult times.

“You turn to your deputy for support. Unfortunately, he conspired with Dr Mahathir, and I had no choice. He gave me no choice.”

Najib also denied that his current alliance with the Perikatan Nasional government was one of convenience and a political play.

“No, it was not self-interest, but a lot of people felt they needed a change, the country needed a change. And being a party man, I am loyal to the party, and that was the party’s decision. So, I went along with the party,” he said.

On the performance of Pakatan Harapan (PH) during its 22 months in power, Najib said there was not “a single” thing that the coalition had done for the country, adding that he got a “monumental silence” when he asked people this question.

“They failed in terms of honouring their promises to the people. I think this is fundamental and sacred in a democracy, because you say, I promise you I will do this if you vote for me.

“And then, people voted for them. What did they do? They said no, it is not a Bible, so they can renege on their promises. They just dismissed it nonchalantly.”

Najib said he considered it an immoral act as PH had lied to the people. “Basically, they lied to the people. I do not want to mince my words. They lied to the people. And for that reason, history will judge them.”

Pact with Anwar not impossible in new political milieu, says Najib

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