Fans upset over Malaysian singer Elizabeth Tan marriage, say will unfollow her on Instagram (VIDEO)

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a woman wearing a dress: Fans have openly expressed on Instagram that they will unfollow her on Instagram after her marriage. ― Picture via instagram/elizabethtan 

PETALING JAYA, March 24 ― Singer and actress Elizabeth Tan who recently tied the knot with businessman Ding Siew Jim has left many of her Instagram fans heartbroken.

Tan, fondly known as Lizzy by her followers, caught many by surprise after admitting to having wedded ast weekend.

In her recent Instagram post, she wrote that whether she was married or not, she is still the same person.

Fans however did not respond positively to her post and said as a married person, she should not toy with their feelings.

An Instagram user wrote that he would unfollow Lizzy on Instagram

“Lizzy might still be the same, the situation is such that it is never the same anymore.

“I could not eat for the past two days after knowing that she’s married,” wrote Instagram user irfn.aimn.

“To us, you are different. You have disappointed us,” wrote another fan syahmin_ibrahim.

NST reported that Tan married Ding in a small and simple ceremony last weekend and she had apologised for keeping her marriage a secret.

“I want to apologise to fans for not sharing this news earlier.

“I wanted to make an announcement at the right time but looks like the secret is out.”

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