‘Are you alone?’ Woman tells Foodpanda to do something about creepy delivery man’s incessant texts

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Caption of the woman’s tweet against a file photo of a Foodpanda delivery person riding a motorcycle. Photo: Coconuts

What happens when your food delivery comes with a side of creepy text messages?

Foodpanda in Malaysia is looking into complaints made by a woman claiming that a delivery man had been harassing her to spend time with him. The online complaint, which has since been set to private but can be seen on the Trendsmap site, has gotten the attention of thousands of people including those from the All Women’s Action Society feminist group.

“Hello @foodpanda_my, do something about your rider. This is super scary and inappropriate,” the tweet posted by Mia Azahar, 27, under the handle @miaazhar said yesterday. “Where are his ethics? Asking his customers if they want his company in their homes. For girls out there, be careful if you get a rider like this.”

Foodpanda has acknowledged her complaint on Twitter. The woman also confirmed with Coconuts today that she has reported the matter to the food delivery company, who she said “will take action on this.”

“Of course, I felt scared and uncomfortable,” Mia told Coconuts. “He just assumed that he could come over just because he thought I lived alone.”

According to text exchanges she shared online, the delivery man had just dropped off her food order and was sending her messages from outside her home, asking whether she needed company.

“The panda rider from just now. I’m still downstairs. Can I come up, or should I leave?” one of the messages said.

After rejecting him, the rider sent even more texts that said: “Oh, really? Are you not alone at home? Do you have free time? Let’s go out. I’m free, just let me know when you’re free.”

graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message: Screenshots of the texts between the woman and the Foodpanda rider© Provided by Coconuts Screenshots of the texts between the woman and the Foodpanda rider

People online have called out the rider for sexual harassment and are pressing the government to pass the Sexual Harassment Bill that was introduced in November to protect victims. Unfortunately, the ongoing state of emergency prohibits parliamentary proceedings.

“@FoodPanda pls ensure your drivers’ SOPs include NOT sexually harassing your customers,” the All Women’s Action Society wrote, tagging the Prime Minister at the end of their tweet. “The SH Bill requires all organisations be accountable to an effective working internal SH policy. We need 2pass this Bill, pronto! The rakyat shldn’t live in fear! @MuhyiddinYassin.”

“SH Bill on hold till after the state of emergency,” news presenter Tehmina Kaoosji wrote. “Yet, almost every week M’sian Women share just how threatening things get over even just food delivery. Here’s why we need the SH Bill! M’sian men clearly DO NOT understand boundaries & consent.”

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